Why use a stone wall cladding system?

When finishing or renovating a house, many people are faced with the question of how to decorate their walls so that they are not just white and boring surfaces. In this case, it is worth betting on something versatile and at the same time somewhat innovative. This is where xterior stone cladding comes in – a solution that, when applied very precisely, can create a sensational effect in a very short time. Centuries ago, stone was a popular material that looked incredibly elegant and antique when used both in homes and on external facades. What’s more, it increases the value of the property on which such a façade is located, which in turn is sure to draw the attention of householders as well as passers-by.

Creative use of exterior stone cladding

Exterior stone cladding tiles are not just limited to lining the face of a wall with them. The versatility of natural stone façade tiles lies not only in their ability to be used on a variety of surfaces and architectural features, but also in their ease of adaptation to buildings of different styles. Of course, it is possible to lay exterior stone cladding tiles uk either the entire wall surface or just a specific part of it, contrasting with another material – in both cases the visual effect is as expected. They are also used to finish other external surfaces, including: columns and pillars, as well as balconies and terraces. A stone façade looks great and is much more durable than plaster. The variety of colours, textures, patterns and lengths translates into a wide choice that goes hand in hand with the high quality of the materials.

How do I place the cladding on the wall?

Installing cladding is easy and requires no specialist knowledge or skills. However, in the case of elements made of such raw material, it is important to remember to start work only in favourable conditions. Air humidity is crucial, as it must be relatively low. In addition, the air temperature is very important. This affects the time and quality of setting of the adhesive mortar, i.e. the substrate for the exterior facade panels.Natural stone tiles are best installed in warmer weather. Moving on to installation – one person can install 30 square metres in one day using stone panels. The speed and simplicity of installation provide significant savings on labour, and minimal waste is also a cost-saving factor. All you need is precision and basic tools. The installation can be done on any type of wall. Sometimes, to increase adhesion, glue must be used. The seemingly easy finishing touches to the exterior cladding panels must also be carried out very carefully. It is important to remove any excess grout on an ongoing basis and to carefully fill any gaps with grout, primarily vertical. If you don’t think you can do it yourself, it is worth asking for help from a professional or asking the manufacturer for details.