Trending Must Have Pool Features

Artistry in Mosaics has been providing the best quality mosaic products for over 25 years. These custom pool features are essential for all pool projects.

Reasons to have pool mosaics installed:

1. Originality, Each year there are several new construction pools being built around the world and remodels. The pool features are sure to give any pool project originality

2. Fun for the Family, mosaics are fun for the children and adults alike. Choose a different mosaic for each child and parent. Create a family of pool mosaics swimming alongside of you. Or, have each child choose their own mosaic. you can also use the services of Pool Mosaics Australia like Amber Tiles to help design your pool tiles.

Every swimming pool is incomplete without ceramic and hand-crafted custom glass Mosaics. The Pool features set pools apart from each other, creating an original customized pool project.

Anywhere from dolphins and loggerhead turtles to a custom-designed mosaics can be installed in your pool/spa. They not only are sure to be the eye-catcher and focal point of the pool but are life-time guaranteed and frost proof! All of the pool mosaics are mesh-mounted for easy installation in all plaster types.

Things to consider when choosing the right one:

1. Clarity, make sure mosaics are installed in shallow water and also in light color plaster. Distortion may occur in deep waters and dark color plasters including pebble plaster.

2. Location, best places for installation are on steps and Baja reefs. This is true because they can be used as step markers and ensure clarity of pool mosaic.

3. Choosing the type of pool mosaic, there are over 200 different kinds of mosaics including dolphins, reef fish, angelfish, tang regals, sharks, swimmer crabs, Moorish idols and even custom mosaic creations. So, how do you choose the right one? This is all based on personal preference, however some common-sense tips: choose something that will not go out of style or you will get tired of looking at.

4. Choosing the style and material type, Custom mosaics are available in either custom hand-crafted glass or ceramic. The ceramic is less costly, however, the glass gives a more vivid and realistic feel to the mosaics. Secondly, several of the mosaics come in shadows to create the illusion of the sea creatures swimming alongside of the swimmers.

In order to create an up to date swimming pool, it is essential to add a little spark by using pool mosaics in your pool project.