Things you Need to Know Before Hiring Moving Companies

Let us face it; people do not like moving from one place to another. While the change of scenery can be a breath of fresh air and very exciting, the amount of money you need to spend, the time it will consume and the effort you need to make will make anyone think twice before making a move. But there are some ways to cut the cost of the relocation and reduce some of the pain points that are associated with the process.  

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Avoid moving with the crowd 

A lot of people who are planning to move don’t know that the beginning, as well as the end of every month, are the busiest days to move, that is why you need to plan your move during the middle of the month as much as possible. Asking the movers to squeeze your move on the last Saturday of the month is going to be a recipe for disaster.  

That is the time where their schedule is full to the brim. Putting you on those days will mean that you will be getting their least trained men, exhausted from all the moves they made before your schedule, at worse, showing up four to five hours late from the agreed time. Not only that, you need to recognize that summertime is the busiest time of the year for moving.  

That is why if you have a short move planned; you have to consider moving during the spring or the fall if it is possible. Fall and spring are regarded as the “shoulder season” for relocating industries. If you are planning to move during the summer season, make sure to avoid any major holidays like Labor Day or Fourth of July, since a lot of people are on the streets during these days, not to mention, everyone is planning to move during this time of the year, not just you. 

Schedule your move that is convenient to the moving company 

It seems against better judgment or common sense. After all, you are the one who is paying for the company’s services. But, just like having your car repaired in an automotive shop, you are also paying for the mechanic’s services, but you always make sure that you schedule your appointment with the shop when the mechanic is available. You also make sure that you ask the shop how long you will have to wait for the car to be repaired. 

You want to make sure that the mechanics are not busy and will have all their undivided attention and focus when repairing your vehicle. The same can be applied when you are hiring a moving company. You want to get the best services and reap all the benefits of hiring a professional moving company as much as possible. You want to get the best services from the company.  

That is why when you set up a schedule for your move, you have to consider the company’s schedule. Let them give the date where it is convenient for them to get their full, undivided attention and focus. You also make sure that the schedule is during the first hour of the business day where their workers are not exhausted from all the heavy lifting. 

Beware of common scams 

Be alert of any scams. One of the easiest scams, fraudulent companies use on people during the summer move is what is commonly called as “The Hostage” fraud. A moving company, or sometimes just a group of people posing as a moving agency in the classified ads, offer their services at a lower price compared to other legitimate companies, load your things into their truck and deliver them in the assigned location with a locked truck.  

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Only they have the key to the truck and will only unlock it if you pay additional money that they demanded, sometimes it will amount to a thousand dollars. If the client or the victim does not pay, they can drive off with the client’s possessions. If they pay, they will end up paying hundreds of thousands of dollars more for the move compared to other legit companies in their area.  

If you have some issues when it comes to their services, avoiding these kinds of scams is very simple — avoids using the mover’s trucks. Instead, you can use a “hybrid move” by renting a truck from a reputable and legitimate company like U-Haul or Budget. You can also rent a portable storage container like 1-800-PackRat or PODS, which will be delivered straight to your doorsteps.  

Then hire moving labor, people who will help you load your things, but without their own moving truck, they only provide loading services. Once the storage or the truck is moved to your new location, you can hire another group of people to help you unload your things. By hiring a third-party moving company, or by renting a truck and deliver your items on your own, you will have total control over your belongings the whole time.  

Ask the companies for Full-Value insurance 

Insurance in this kind of business is a little bit tricky. One of the most common and essential forms of protection used is the Standard Repair Coverage Insurance. This kind of insurance policy offers a $0.60/pound, an item for repair or replacement. If the movers drop your 50 pounds, $500 flat screen television, according to the Standard coverage, you will only receive a check worth $18 to cover for the $500 television.  

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Other moving companies will offer another form of insurance policy called the Full-Value Replacement Coverage. It will cover the full value of the damaged or lost item listed in the inventory. The coverage is a paid upgrade, but very cheap. While it is true that moving is not an easy task, if you follow some of these helpful tips, you can see that the process will move smoothly like clockwork. You will quickly get your money’s worth on the cost of your move. All you need to do is to be vigilant and exhaust all the available resources before committing to hiring a moving company.