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Numerous designers told us they’re spec’ing out counters and floors in porcelain, which absorbs just 0.1 per cent of bacteria. “It’s one of the safest materials,” says Kristina Panzera of Ciot. “Using extra-large format House & Home Improvement porcelain tiles instead of marble slabs is a very popular trend that’s also practical,” says designer Anne Hepfer. Zillow Group is committed to ensuring digital accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

This simple garden has been created using sculptural, low-maintenance plants and white pebbles. If you have some free time up your sleeve, why not put it to good use by making some improvements at home. Put it to good use by tackling these projects that will brighten up your home. Join Ron Cowgill, along with Rich Cowgill, Robbie Erhardt and the Mighty House速 team and get help with all of your home improvement and repair issues. Mortgage-to-rent scheme Describes the mortgage-to-rent scheme, which allows people in mortgage difficulty to switch to renting their homes.

  • Half of what you want in your suitcase – or dorm room – won’t fit.
  • This magazine is more about designing with painting and decoration, and not so much about craftsmanship and trades.
  • These women have taken D.I.Y. and home repair by storm and are rated by our Home Matters professionals as the top 5 favorite female home improvement bloggers.
  • In addition to hanging light fixtures, you can also hang some mirrors on the ceiling.
  • “Not only did they do a great job but their responsiveness to questions was amazing, their efficiency and professionalism as well as their kindness and humanity was unheard of in this day and age.”

If you have a good credit score you may be eligible for a personal loan with competitive interest rates; just make sure you can afford the repayments. Do you plan to stay in your house for the foreseeable future or will you want to move at some point? If there’s a chance you will move house soon, you may want to rethink any renovations or, alternatively, renovate with a view to increasing the value of your property ready for when you sell. Whatever you do, it is important to take time to research your options and not rush any decision, as both relocation and renovation involve a lot of disruption and the costs for both can quickly build up.

You’ll need to add some windows and a staircase, too, which can rob you of space elsewhere. Conventional wisdom among estate agents is that kitchens and bathrooms sell homes, so if you’re thinking of improving with a view to selling on, this is a good place to start. A new kitchen can add 5% to the value of your home while a new bathroom can add 3% according to figures from Zoopla. This is the hub of the house where families cook, eat, gather, and socialize.

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This is a separate agreement to your current mortgage, and it can be with either your existing provider or a new provider. Check if your renovations will affect your home insurance policy, as a claim could be invalidated if you fail to tell your insurer about any relevant changes. Bear in mind the weeks, or even months, of disruption the work will cause. During the work, you may live in what is effectively a building site, with dust, workers coming and going, and without certain facilities. You might want to stay somewhere else while the work is completed.

For most of us, renovation means modernising our home, adding more “functionality” to it or increasing its value. Usually, we’re more preoccupied with finishes and fittings than the things we can’t see. But the hidden elements of a renovation are well worth our attention. Older homes, in particular, are likely to have hardwood floors lurking beneath carpet. If you’re not sure, pull up your carpet in an unnoticeable corner and check. If you do have wood floors, there’s a good chance you’ll have to refinish them to restore them to their original splendor, but it will be much less expensive than installing new flooring from scratch.