Flying Devils Invaded My Home

I hate wasps. They always fly around, buzzing near everything with their slender bodies. They also made nests all over my house. I’ve dealt with a lot of these nests over the years, and no matter how many times I get rid of them, they keep coming back. I realize that wasps are necessary for the environment, but I wish they wouldn’t make nests on my house. They actually ruined the shutters in one of my windows by making a nest on the inside of the wall. The wasps chewed at the wall so much that it caused them to fall out of place and onto the ground, where they broke.

I had to replace the broken shutters with new ones that I bought from a company. This wasn’t a difficult task. The difficult part was getting rid of the wasps. Since they were inside of the wall, getting to them was hard, and I knew that the only way to really reach them would be by cutting part of the wall to expose the next. I didn’t want to do that and risk getting stung, so I called an exterminator to do it. He sectioned off the room where the nest was and began cutting into the wall to draw the wasps out. He sucked them up with a vacuum and pulled out the nest.

Once the nest was removed, I was able to repair the wall and put the new shutters in place. I guess one good thing about this whole experience is that I was able to put my carpentry skills to use. I hadn’t done any home projects in a while, so I jumped at the chance to do one. I hope the wasps don’t make it into my walls again, because I don’t want anything else damaged.