Really Creative, See 4 Pictures of the Most Unique House Roof in Sydney

The roof of the house is one important and vital component of a house. Imagine your house was built without a roof, of course, the function of the house as a shelter is not fulfilled. In the process of building a house roof, various factors are considered, now Southern Cross Roofing can help you to build a roof according to your wishes. For more information about Southern Cross Roofing, you can visit the site

There are a variety of materials for roofing, such as clay roofs that are most sought after by Indonesian people because they are resistant to very dynamic weather and easy installation. There are also concrete roof tiles that are resistant to weather and fire, usually used for minimalist roofs.

In addition to different roof materials, it turns out that the roof design is also very diverse. In this article, I will discuss 4 pictures of the most creative roof houses in Sydney that make you amazed. Curious? Check out the following article.

1. The roof of a classic house like a fairy tale house

What do you think when you see the roof design of this house? Like the roof of a classic house in western fairy tales, don’t you think?

The roof of this classic house is shaped like a mushroom, curved and hilly. Utilizing wood material for its manufacture, the roof of this classic house was intentionally not painted and left with brown wood to create a classic impression and synergize with nature. Make no mistake, even though it is made of wood, this classic roof can last for decades and is very strong against the weather.

2. Modern and Minimalist with Flat House Roofs

Flat-roofed houses have become popular lately. The roof style of this house tends to be applied to minimalist home designs to create a modern and elegant impression. Flat roof or commonly called a flat has the benefit of creating additional space, such as the roof of the house as a lounge. Also, the flat roof of the house protects the house from direct sun exposure.

The roof of a flat house is not 90 degrees flat. The roof of this house is designed to have a slope to ensure rainwater can be lowered to the ground. No need to worry about flooding on the roof of your house.

3. The roof of the House with Additional Space

Land in urban areas tends to be narrow and expensive. For those of you who need additional space, you can use the roof of the house by building this cute cube-shaped cabin. In addition to providing extra space, the roof of the house with this cabin also adds to the aesthetic value of your home.

4. The roof of the Circle House

With a combination of architectural design and conical style of the roof of the house, this house looks like a giant mushroom in the middle of the forest. Funny and unique, are you interested in trying a roof design like this?

Weather and the environment will affect the durability of the roof of the house so that the most appropriate roof design is needed. If all these considerations are ripe and have a budget to decorate the exterior of the house, invest to create a unique roof like the 4 most creative roof styles above!

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