All About Bamboo Flooring

We realise that this is the nature of online reviews – but I’m sure like you, we wish this wasn’t the case. You only have to compare the harvesting rates of hardwood and bamboo to see just how renewable bamboo is. While it can take anywhere between 20 to 120 years for hardwood to reach maturity, bamboo is a completely renewable resource and only takes three to five years.bamboo flooring

Note that solid bamboo is stronger than engineered, which consists of multiple layers. Low Cost Flooring – manufacturer, importer and distributor of quality bamboo flooring products to distributors, contractors, retailers, and consumers. One must take care not to walk in high heels, scrape furniture, nor use abrasive cleaners on this type of flooring. What a surprise I was in store for working with the bamboo flooring Charles had sent me. The warranty on Mr. Bamboo flooring not only benefits the original purchaser, but is transferable to new home buyer. DIY Flooring – Offer the Springwood Lock together floating bamboo flooring and Lotus Land quick click flooring.bamboo flooring

Easy maintenance of bamboo flooring allows homeowners freedom to partake in more exciting activities. Solid hardwood flooring also provides more material that can be sanded off in future refinishing steps; the hard surface layer of bamboo flooring is relatively thin and so it cannot be sanded and re-finished like solid wood. It is possible the resin from various species of bamboo (specifically with strand bamboo flooring) will interfere with electrical conductivity. While there’s over 1200 different species of bamboo, bamboo flooring is generally constructed from moso bamboo (Phyllostachys edulis). Bamboo has been used in flooring, furniture, and other household products and structures for thousands of years. This form results in more space between each bamboo stem; flatness and tightness is not emphasized.

On the one hand, there’s natural bamboo, light in color (almost blonde), which boasts twice the stability of red oak (America’s most popular flooring). Bamboo boards go down like wood—so if you’re comfortable nailing or gluing tongue-and-groove oak or snapping down a floating floor, you can tackle bamboo. All of our natural bamboo flooring is sustainably harvested from Chinese forests and manufactured using a waste free process so it is environmentally sound. And while the grain pattern and natural color of bamboo are both rather subtle, bamboo flooring is available in more than 50 different prestained colors ranging from soft cedar tones to bright reds and greens. SIMPLY BAMBOO has been selling bamboo flooring products worldwide for the past 18 years.bamboo flooring

In further comparison to traditional hardwood flooring, bamboo comes out slightly ahead as being more resistant to water damage, stains, and warping. Its hardness and strength, is more wear-resistant and less susceptible to warping than most hard wood flooring. What makes woven bamboo so strong is the integration of the bamboo stalks, which were traditionally omitted from the manufacturing process. Timberland Flooring uses only the best, non-toxic German adhesive products during the manufacturing process. I would certainly recommend Simply Bamboo to anyone wanting bamboo floorboards without hesitation.