4 Causes of Cracked Walls in New Homes

The house you dreamed of has just been built, but you have seen cracks in the wall. What might be the main cause of a cracked wall in a house? Of course, cracks in the wall will make you think twice about occupying the house. If you don’t have time to fix the problem, you can use the services of ProPlasternPaint, ProPlasternPaint is one of plastering sydney.

As it turns out, cracking is a problem that often arises both on the walls of new and long-lived homes. Here are the Causes of Cracked Walls in New Homes

1. Structural Damage or Failure

Cracks in the masonry attached to the structure can be caused by several things, including

• Structural failure to withstand heavy loads

• earthquake, and

• harsh impact.

If this happens to a newly built house, plaster covering the walls will certainly crack.

2. Wall Pairs

If you buy bricks with poor quality, this could be the main cause of wall cracks.

Poor quality bricks and adhesives can lead to loose or broken masonry.

This could be the main cause of the cracking of the plaster and the wall coverings covering the pair.

3. Plaster and Finishing Coat

Here are some reasons why plaster or finishing coat on cracked walls:

• Finishing Coat is done before the plaster dries completely or the shrinkage process is not finished.

• The dose of the plaster mixture or Finishing Coat does not comply with the provisions.

• Finishing Coat uses less good cement.

4. Material Differences

Finishing Coat or plaster can crack due to the meeting of different materials.

Here are some examples of meetings that cause cracks:

• Concrete structures with masonry

• Pair of bricks with wood

• Plastering with electric pipes or water pipes inside the wall

Usually, cracks occur because cement is not able to stick to certain materials such as wood and plastic.