Beautiful Yet Functional Ideas for Your Backyard

Your backyard is a canvas for your creativity. Whether it’s large or small, a smart yard design can make it stand out as a testament to your tastes. It doesn’t have to be a frivolous design of flowers and random, patio chairs either. Certain ideas make the space a functional area, which dramatically extends your living quarters. Discover the smartest idea for your yard that only improves your property’s value.

Go With the Contours

The best way to design any backyard is to make use of the natural contours. A hillside property might have beautiful views of a canyon or body of water. The contours look out on this view. Your yard should use the contours as viewpoints as the inward slopes might be perfect for patio furniture or a barbecue set. Ignoring the contours makes the final project appear asymmetrical while costing more than it should in the first …