6 Things You Need to Do Within the First 24 Hours of Water Damage

The window of opportunity for handling a water emergency is small. A severe mold infestation can begin as soon as 24 hours after a major pipe break, or natural flood event. Below are six things you need to get done within this time frame to salvage as much as possible and minimize damage.

Stop Water Flow

In order for the area to get dried out, you have to stop the flow of water into your home, business, garage, or whatever structure is being flooded. This may be difficult if it is natural flooding caused by overflowing rivers, lakes, or weather-related events. In cases of broken water pipes, simply shut down the source of water until a secure repair can be made.

Begin Removing Water

Standing water needs to be removed as soon as possible to minimize damage. The longer it is allowed to stay in place, the worse the damage …