Ways To Make Any Home Greener

More and more people are becoming concerned about the environment and want to do things to make their homes more environmentally friendly. There are many ways to make homes greener at many cost levels. There are small things that cost next to nothing and big things that are expensive but worth it. An old house with single pane windows and too little insulation can be made more energy efficient. A newer home can still use energy saving improvements and owner practices that are kinder to the environment.

Making a home more energy efficient can start with a home energy audit offered by the local electric company. There may be a small charge but the information is worth it. Finding out where energy is being wasted will help the homeowner devise a plan to stop energy losses. Don’t want to spend the money for an audit? Reading books or internet offerings on energy saving projects for the home can be helpful. The homeowner can also do their own home energy inspection. Walk around the house with a pencil and notebook looking for problems that can be fixed. Does the house have adequate insulation everywhere? Are the windows single pane or double pane? Are there leaks around ill-fitting windows and doors? Is the furnace old and inefficient? Are the appliances energy saving models or are they wasting energy? Are the faucets leaking? Is the toilet running all the time? What about the water heater?

The homeowner can use the list from a home inspection to plan how to make your home greener. Replace old single pane windows or damaged windows with new, energy-efficient ones. Add insulation in the attic if it is settled or just not thick enough. Replace old inefficient appliances, furnaces, or water heaters with new energy efficient ones. Plug holes and cracks that let in cold air. Insulate water pipes. Fix leaking faucets and toilets to stop wasting water. Start a recycling regimen with a few garbage cans marked with glass, paper, metal, and plastic to keep recycling materials separate. Introduce a few houseplants for better air quality. Make an effort to shop more wisely to avoid food waste and compost what food scraps there.Replace old light bulbs with the new energy efficient ones. Consider purchasing items for the home that are natural fibers rather than synthetic. For more information on greener homes, go to the website.