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Why Are Window Wells Important? There are plenty of different type’s of houses.There are big houses and there are small and most of these include the most important rooms that a house needs such as a kitchen, dining room, bedrooms, living room, comfort room etc. These rooms are important because it has a unique purpose that other rooms do not have. Such example is the kitchen. The kitchen is specifically designed to be a place where one can cook and prepare food and you cannot cook and prepare food in the bedroom because it does not have the tools for such a task. That is why some rooms are important and some are not. Such examples of rooms that are not important are reading rooms, study rooms, etc. Houses with families don’t necessarily need these rooms because it would just be a waste of space and money for them because its not a needed room. One can survive and be content with their home without a study room. Although if one needs a reading room because their careers need it then it would be understandable to make such rooms otherwise it would not be worth it. In the house, one needs something called a basement. These rooms are multi-purposed because it can be used as different rooms, it can be used as a storage lot where things that are no longer needed or obsolete can be stored while not throwing it away because it still has some sentimental value. It can be also used as another bedroom if one wants to stay beneath the ground. It can be used also as a study room because it won’t be that hard to renovate the room to a study room. In a house there are windows but did you know even underground rooms such as basements have windows? You might think that it would be really stupid because basement are supposed to be underground it would be really stupid to put up a window on the wall if it would only make you see nothing but dirt. Sure enough window wells are located at the roof of the basement room, near the ceiling is where it is mostly located and if you actually peak through it one would see the ground. Window stills are important because it is like a ventilation vent where air could pass through from the outside to the basement room where the person staying inside the room could feel more natural and more comfortable about the room. Window wells are also useful because during emergencies they could go through it and be safe and not risking themselves to being injured and hurt. Window wells needs to be secured with locks though because it could also threaten the safety of the persons staying inside since people from the outside can go in from the window well.How I Became An Expert on Resources

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