Tips to overcome leakage of clean water pipes at home

The water pipes in the house have two different sides. On the one hand, its existence is very vital because it flows clean water into the house. Without pipes, it is difficult to imagine, how difficult it is to get a supply of water for cooking, drinking water, bathing, and others.

But on the other hand water pipes can also be a source of annoying problems. This will be felt when there is a leak of clean water pipes in the house. Leaks can occur because of many things, for example, corrosion over the years, broken pipes due to sharp objects being hit, or because of a previously incomplete installation.

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Here are tips for dealing with leaks that occur in clean water pipes in your home:

Find out the Plumbing Installation Plan

When a clean water pipe leak occurs, the first step is to know the pipeline installation plan. Ask the architect who made the home design, blueprint of your residence to detect connection points that are prone to leaking or seeping.

Prepare Yourself to Repair Pipe Leaks

Once it is known that the central water pipe is leaking, equip yourself with home improvement tools, such as new pipes, glue, saws, hammers, and drills.

After Finding the Source of Leaks

The first step, turn off the drain so the water stops flowing. Then begin to dismantle the wall or floor where the leak is located using adequate equipment, such as a hammer and drill. You must be careful, do not let the dismantling actually aggravate the condition of the leak.

Pay attention to the condition of the pipe

Once the source of the leak is found, learn whether the pipe needs to be replaced, or just patch it. If a leak occurs at the connection, then the way is to replace the new pipe connection.

For small leaks that only require patches, just use a pipe that is slightly larger than the leaking pipe. Take a little piece, about the length of the leak, then divide it in half to form the letter “U.” Use the piece to be glued to the top of the leaky pipe using glue.

But if the leakage is severe enough, almost along the pipe, the only way is to cut the part and replace it with a new pipe. No need to worry because now there are many types of fittings that can connect between pipes. Use what suits you.

Done, Make Sure The Pipe No More Leaks

Let the glue dry before turning on the waterway again. After that, make sure all the work is done, with no further leakage problems before returning to close the walls or the hole in the hole so the house will be neat.