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A lot of people have hobbies that have the ability to take up a lot of space, so it makes perfect sense to convert your unused basement in to a hobby room. Selecting unique and colorful decorative accessories such as pillows, artwork, coffee tables, ottomans and small tables really makes a basement inviting. Again, a lot of people are looking to turn their unused basement in to an extra room for entertaining, and this is a great way to make use of one of the emptiest rooms in your home.

If your basement has no windows at all here’s an idea that may not necessarily fool the eye but adds some needed atmosphere. Adding the same unique features in your lower level rooms as you would in the upper levels, such as pictures and table top decorations, will give your rooms a homey feel. Painted has the ability to add warmth, contrast, and transform any basement space for very little cost.basement Ideas

Some, like the Owens Corning Finishing System forego the traditional stud-and-drywall route, enabling you to get a remodeled basement in a shorter amount of time. Since the basement walls need finishing, you can save on costs and make a style statement by leaving some of the elements intentionally exposed! Installing a personal gym in your basement is a great way to keep in shape from the privacy of your own home.

Recycled leather belts turned into flooring is a twist I never would have thought of before searching the web for interesting flooring ideas. If you love to sew and will be washing and ironing fabrics on a regular basis, putting your sewing room next to the laundry space in your basement might make sense. Rich and warm colors blend together with clean black accents while surrounding a media area, classic pool table and perfectly sized bar along the wall. Here’s a contractor in Pennsylvania who did a great job utilizing a fairly small basement area with several creative ideas.

There are lots of choices for home flooring but because your basement is below-grade (meaning below the ground level) your options are more limited. Including a basement bar in the area gives you more seating options, creates more storage for glasses and drinks and helps to separate space in the room. You also need basement finishing design ideas to go along with those pretty pictures. Plus get your free basement cost calculator and find out what your finished basement will cost you! Turn an unused area of your basement into a kitchenette-slash-bar for an alternative spot to entertain guests. If your basement is on the smaller side, keep the area open by avoiding adding walls. We have completed a variety of basement remodeling, design and finishing projects ranging from $5,000 — $250,000. Talk with a contractor that specializes in light tube installation and/or your building contractor to determine whether this type of idea is feasible for your basement.