The Smart Way to Choose the Best Reading Lamp

If you are a bibliophile, equipping a home with various needs that support reading is a must. From organizing bookshelves to creating a cozy reading room, these elements must be equipped to ensure all your needs are met. However, sometimes many book lovers often forget an essential item, the reading lamp.

The existence of this item will help you read without having to turn on the lights for the whole room. In addition, you also will not interfere with your partner to sleep when you are engrossed in reading while accompanied by this one lamp.

If you are interested in equipping your home with this equipment, we have prepared all the information you need. You can also find various lamps with attractive designs on the Flos. Here are some of the best reading lamp tips.

  1. Choosing LED Lights

Today, the type of lamp that is often used for reading is dominated by LEDs (Light Emitting Diode). This is based on its nature that is free of ultraviolet light, in other words, it is very safe for the eyes. Moreover, this type of lamp can be modified to suit the needs of the user.

  • Equipped with Light Settings

The nature of LEDs that are similar to sunlight makes it too bright when used at night. For that, choose a reading lamp that is equipped with a light adjustment feature. That way, you don’t need to squint because the light captured by the eye is too blinding.

  • Flexible handle design

Comfort in reading is something that must be prioritized. You can’t read all the time in one position. When the body position changes, of course, the position of the lights must also be adjusted so that the comfort of reading is guaranteed. Therefore, you must choose a lamp with a flexible handle. That way, no matter what your position, you can always adjust the direction of the light that is comfortable for the eyes.

  • Comes with a Clip

In general, lamps with stands are the most sold type on the market. In addition to these types, it turns out there are other types, which are equipped with clips. The existence of this one feature is a game-changer that has many benefits. In comparison, a lamp with a stand takes up quite a lot of space on the table. A lamp with a clip can be mounted on the edge of the table so it is suitable for you who have problems with limited space.

  • Power Can Be Filled with Various Methods

Another thing to consider is the energy source of the lamp. Some types of lights, generally lit with the help of a plug or USB. However, if you are the type of person who likes to move around while reading, wireless lights are the most appropriate choice. The reason is, you will not be “imprisoned” by cables if you have a reading lamp that can be charged or use a dry battery as a source of energy. In addition, you can also use this lamp when you have to do activities outside the home.