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Carpet Tiles are a Great Do-It-Yourself Project because they are Easy to Install. Ecological friendly, Eco-Fiber, Peel and Stick Carpet Tiles are perfect for patios, porches, basements, playrooms, laundry rooms, dorm rooms, workshop areas, and more. Carpeting or carpet tiles made from polyamide are very wear-resistant, easy to clean and have excellent self-repairing properties. Where carpet tiles are installed, telephone, electrical and other underfloor systems remain easily accessible for these changes to be made. All of our tiles are 50 x 50 cm, which translates into four tiles per square metre.

Some tiles have adhesive tabs, so replacing a damaged one is easy: simply lift out the old one and fit in the new one. The versatility of Balsan carpet tiles allows them to be laid out anywhere, ranging from residential areas to offices, retailers and hospitality segments. Carpet tiles are made of nylon fabric on the side that faces up and a vinyl composite on the back side. If you are strictly looking to protect your hardwood gym floor during non athletic activities, we also offer large carpet tiles that can be laid down in a hurry. By acquiring vast quantities of redundant stock we have become well-known as ‘THE Carpet Tile Specialists’. We also offer large gym floor covering carpet tiles and carpet topped mats for athletic purposes. These carpet squares are under our glue-free category and can be installed with either double sided tape or glue. The texture and how the carpet feels depends on the yarn used and the loop density.

These tiles have a flat closed-cell foam bottom and can trap moisture beneath the floor, so the subfloor should be checked regularly in basements where moisture is a concern. Whereas, the Greenspace outdoor carpet tiles-a grass-like carpet- will extend and supplement natures feel of grass into the patio areas, courtyard space and concrete decks. Leave the tiles in the room they are to be laid for at least 24 hours to acclimatise to the environment. The size of Eco-soft carpet tiles is specified as 24×24; however, each tile includes border pieces which will be discarded in the field area. This is achieved through absorbing the dust particles into the carpeting and reducing the noise of footsteps because of the soft carpet tile surface. Our Eco-Soft Carpet Tiles would be the same as using the carpet and padding on the OSB board. Heuga carpet tiles are incredible loose-lay flooring solutions that be fixated even better with their own adhesives called Heuga TacTiles.

The bottom of the tile features a hard membrane element designed to keep carpeting tiles flat. Outdoor patio carpet tiles can add a personal style and luxurious appearance to outdoor patio flooring. Bulky carpet rolls that include cumbersome transportation through narrow stairways and difficult installation processes are a relic of the past. The way I did it was to lightly score the back, then use that path as a guide to cut all the way through the back, then fold the cut to a 90 degree angle and slice down through the carpet surface. Carpet tiles can be found at your local home center like Home Depot and range from $1 to $3 per square foot. Commercial Carpet for offices, retail space and store fronts required low pile and durability.carpet tiles

The low pile make the carpet easy to clean, vacuum, sweep and dry; if hosed off with water. That’s why if you cut the carpet tiles during the installation process it will not fray or unravel. Trim the tiles using a utility knife to fit them snug against the edge of the wall or floorboards. Look around most offices and you’d be forgiven for thinking that carpet tiles only come in blue or grey.