Living Room Designs

Baz and interiors guru James chat to Alice to learn all about her taste before they go head-to-head to redesign her living room! Using clever furniture layouts in the living room and paying attention to light should allow any space to be made cosy and welcoming. Every room needs to have a central element-a piece, according to which you organize every other element you have. A single glance at the living room of this 1928 Mediterranean Revival in Los Angeles—even without furniture—was enough to announce the home’s elegance. Clean, uncluttered, sophisticated, airy and bright, cosy and warm, perfect for entertaining and equally relaxing…all of these make it to a typical wishlist of living room designs. Try on different floors, paint colors and stains in your own room or one of room design

In this article you will find 25 photos of ideas to inspire you for decorating your living room like a professional interior designer would. As often shown in living room photos, a bar cart, formal furniture and an eye-catching focal point, such as a sophisticated fireplace and mantel, will help achieve this look and feel. Either one can be design features in themselves, as well as putting the spotlight on other decor you want to showcase. The grand and bold coffee table at center in this living room is only exceeded by the sweeping, warm and inviting fireplace.

Choose from five different room types: Bathroom, Bedroom, Dining Room, Kitchen, and Living Room. It would be strange for me to choose any living room other than my own as being my dream space. Depending on what you like or what fits your requirement, you can decide your own living room layout. I designed my room around a feeling of easy, liveable, comfortable glamour and elegance. Choose your Living Room type, sub-type, style and color from above and get started! I hope you love the room I designed as much as I do and enjoyed my Living Room Design Ideas: 7 tips on how to design your own living room from start to finish! But don’t worry as there are plenty of small living room ideas on homify to help you get inspired. You are currently using an older version of Internet Explorer (IE), so Design a Room will not work room designliving room design

The seating area fits a crowd comfortably with a pair of eight-foot-long Macalester sofas and two cowhide-covered Lind ottomans, along with a cocktail table, console and tripod lamp, all from Room & Board. It is never a bad idea to redesign your living room , especially if you feel it is not cozy or sophisticated enough.

They will often include traditional features like large brick-built hearths, broad timber beams and large carpets, although undecorated wooden floors work really well in a country style living room as well. You have to test them to discover the ones that read sophisticated and not silly,” says designer Jack Fhillips, who did precisely that in the living room he designed for the Shippan Designer Showhouse in Stamford, Connecticut. Whatever you do, keep in mind it is your living room that you’re decorating, and it will be you who’s going to spend the most time in it. Make it personal! It’s possible to create clever optical illusions with orientation, light, furniture layout, colour as well as living room storage space; fooling even the most discerning designer into thinking your room is much larger than it actually is.