Italian Design Needs To Go Back To Its Origins, Says Cappellini

It connects you with Italy’s finest designers, enabling you to realise your project, study design at the most prestigious Italian Universities or to invest in entrepreneurial dreams of the most talented designers. Italy’s always on the cutting edge of everything — fashion, interior design, sports cars — but for years, a prohibitive exchange rate for the euro meant the country’s sleek, modern furniture wasn’t readily available here. While it takes about 10 to 12 weeks for something to arrive from America’s furniture hub of North Carolina, it might take around 14 weeks for Italian-made pieces. Design became decent and a lot of manufacturers went back to serious, solid and exclusive creations. Expertise and care for details are fundamental values in the handmade production of our unique design furniture.italian design

In contrast with emotional trends, works of severe rationality come into their own thanks to careful research into materials, colours and fabrics; one such example is the way in which design is applied to lighting, resulting in the creation of fine lamps for offices.

With the unconventional creations of Memphis, including Michele De Lucchi , Matteo Thun and Ettore Sottsass , the Italian design cultural revolution crossed the borders of Italy. Italian Design Brands is a strategic opportunity to project your business into the future, making it grow, joining a group that is strong, large and able to create and seize upon the opportunities of a global market. In the context of Corporate Identity Programmes the names of Designers and companies became more important. An ideal mix of skills in which established professionals and young designers coexist coming from the most important Italian and international design schools. On the other hand we love Danish fashion designer Henrik Vibskov for his energy; he can communicate just with colors and shapes, creating a fresh and vibrant imagery. The technical department is to support the designers starting from the early stages.italian design

It started with a simple email that let me know I’d misspelled a designer’s name on an Imprint post, SFMOMA Reopening Celebrates Graphic Design. A thread runs between the typical Italian home and the trattoria, says Alberto Bassi, author of Anonymous Design in Italy. Italian design combines functionality with irony, focussing also on materials formerly regarded as waste or makeshift products allowing objects to be successfully reinvented. The Italian version features large, wall graphics rather than a small, repeating pattern, and it looks very textural. This aspect of their work is further emphasized by their new concept of Performing Design with which the designers go a step further to actively suggest a narrative centered on the objects exhibited. Considered to be one of Italy’s most important architects, Giò Ponti is a name that is still recognised and revered in the world of design.

We are interested in exploring the character of space in the manner of Christopher Alexander the Berkeley-based architect, academician, and design theorist who has written about the nature of human-centered design and is considered father of the Pattern Language movement.italian design