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Why Pruning is your Best Friend When it Comes to Trees and Shrubs It would be the first time that we came face to face with this kind of trees. They have a scary demeanor characterized by crisscrossed over branched and very leggy looks. That would have been okay for a horror movie but for your home it’s a bad idea. This has everything to do with the fact that insects and diseases have their eyes on it. Death seems to be haunting your tree in its preparation for its final blow on your tree. One glance on that tree and you can see the mockery on its smug face as if telling you to your face that it is indeed housing Dracula. Therein lies the salvation of your tree from deaths trap and the little monster invasion. Of course, there is no escaping the pruning part. Thank God for brains because as it so happens there is always a willing person who can do the job better, at a fee of course. The tree will get pruned either way and that’s what matters. If you are worried about your fences and shrubs you can rest easy in the knowledge that they will always be pruned together with the trees. There several reasons given for pruning the most common being to promote flowering, bring a weakened plant back to life and to restore the beauty of an overgrown plant. One has to be properly informed on how to about it regardless of why their doing the pruning in the first place. With plants the forward ever backward never principle applies in terms of growth. The leader which happens to be the top shoot always has auxins that keep the lateral roots in check. The results that you want are trees are shrubs that are immune to diseases and have a healthy glow.
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Pruning can be carried out in to forms. The concept of shearing as found in sheep is applied in pruning. Shearing poses a limitation in that it arouses the beast in your trees. For one shoot cut out you get two to six in return. This will of course mean more shearing. If this continues there is a huge chance that your tree will die. That does not sound like something wants to here. Even after looking at its faults we cannot fail to acknowledge the benefits that sheering can do in terms of whipping your tree into shape if only for a short while. If you want to completely get rid of the shoot from the main stem then go for the thinning cut technique. It gives you the wholesome experience of a lush well formed tree, shrub or fence in all aspects.
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One has to be aware of the behavior of the plant species while pruning. The branch collar should be your target at all times with regard to pruning. It promotes faster sealing of the tree wound shutting out deadly infections from the tree. Everyone marvels at a good tree, fence and shrub and if it happens to be yours more power to you