Giving Your Home Character In Many Different Ways

The more you research home remodeling on the Internet, the more you realize just how many options are truly available to you. Remodeling a home is more than just adding some paint or putting down a new carpet. If you do some serious research, you will find plenty of ways to add character to your home that you would never have thought of on your own.

Unique Flooring

There are two ways you can create flooring that no one else in your neighborhood probably has. The first is to use random width flooring, usually in the form of planks, to get a very unique look to your entire room. Not only does the pattern of the floor look unusual, but it can often come in different colors. Another unique flooring idea is to have real looking murals of pits and high-rise buildings painted onto your floors. For example, you can paint your bathroom floor to look like the water and see how your friends react.

Stained Glass Windows

Most people associate stained glass windows with houses of worship, but stained glass windows can also be installed into houses on your neighborhood as well. It is always best to get your custom made stained glass windows done by a professional to make sure the windows can withstand the weather. Custom windows that tell your family’s story or just offer something different to look at are always conversation starters.

Oversized Curtains

If you have tried everything you can think of to make your rooms seem bigger but nothing works, then it is time for you to use oversized curtains. The ideal way to make your rooms look larger is to install all new and larger windows. Since installing all new windows is not financially responsible, the next best thing is to put curtains over your windows that are much larger than the windows themselves. The visual effect will instantly make your room look bigger.

With a little creativity, you can add features to your home that will bring out your home’s character and your own personality.