Common Interior Design Mistakes to avoid

It doesn’t really take an expert for creating your dream home, but you will definitely need to avoid the most common mistakes. However, Learning from the mistakes is considered as a key while dealing with the interior design. But it is always better to learn from others mistakes, why should you do the mistakes; rather you need to avoid it? Consider the below mentioned mistakes that should be always avoided with the exclusive care and proper planning.

But why make the mistakes yourself? Consider the following mistakes that can easily be avoided with special care and planning.

Use of Mirrors

Yes, Mirrors are under-rated as using the mirrors will make the room to appear much spacious. However, lack of windows and mirrors gives a boxy feel to the room. So, don’t hesitate to hang the decorative and stylish mirror on the walls. You need to be creative. You may also find different sizes and shapes of mirrors at local retailer dealing in home-improvement. Not just that your room will look bigger, but this will also make your room bright since it reflects back the light.

Placing the photos on walls

Where the art and photos go on walls is on you. Bear in mind the height of people. Also ensure that the combination of colors of wall, if the art or photo is dark in color so the color of walls should be light and vise versa.

Not giving adequate time for designing process

You need to remember that interior designing is not the race that you wish to finish it quickly. Effective and impressive interior designing needs proper planning and proper organization. When you rush through some steps, you might find yourself taking decisions that have some disastrous consequences. So you should be careful!


You should be careful while buying the hospitality furniture for your house and for your office. They have an ability to give an awesome look to your room.

Not including nature

The wonderful ways to enhance the feel of the room is by adding some natural plants. Adding the plants will definitely creates great natural feel to your room, and hence with right kind of plants, you will certainly have refreshing essence that fill the air. While designing the room, you should never forget to include all five important senses while making your decision.

All these points should be considered to ensure you don’t commit the common mistakes while designing your home.