Commercial & Domestic Contract Carpet Tiles

Every carpet tile in the Burofloor range is manufactured to contract or heavy contract quality, meaning that – whatever you choose – you can be sure it’ll withstand office and public use. Use a straight edge – an aluminium rule is ideal – and a retractable knife to cut tiles on a wood surface. Cut & loop pile carpet tiles feature a clever hybrid construction that offers all the robustness of a conventional loop pile floor covering but with the superior aesthetics and more luxurious feel of a cut pile carpet tile. Dry lay your tiles on the floor to finalise the pattern and position before sticking them down. Featuring a polyester fiber made from recycled bottles, these carpet tiles are not only durable but environmentally friendly. Woven carpet are not recommended for those who are asthmatic, have allergies or sensitivities to air borne particles.

We can also help you determine which of our nearly 200 carpet tile options would be best for your situation. Position the second tile, tightly against the first – a rolling pin is a good tool to use for flattening down tiles. Our carpet tiles are quick and easy to clean using a system called Dry Fusion, which uses heat, a little water and natural, organic cleaners. You would just glue the carpet tiles to the OSB and install on your walls and ceiling like you were going to with the standard carpet. I ordered a few samples and loved the way these felt, both the amount of cushion and the texture of the carpet. Cork tiles are normally self-adhesive with a finished surface, so laying instructions are as shown here. Easy to install with a peel and stick backing, these tiles are a DIYer’s dream.carpet tiles

Should you find moisture under the carpet squares, simply pull up the affected area; allow the floor to dry; and push the puzzle-style carpet squares back in place. At 32 oz. per square yard- Vs- 14 oz for economy and 26 oz. for heavy duty carpet tiles. Then walk softly and gently on the carpet tiles to secure the adhesive bond to the floor. You are very welcome to visit our Wholesale and Distribution Outlet to browse our current stock of carpet tiles. The heavy duty ribbed tiles have a more defined, thicker and more ‘puffy’ ribbed texture, FYI. Our carpet tiles are designed and manufactured with various pile constructions to give specific aesthetic and performance benefits. These tiles are also slightly less durable than our standard soft carpet tiles and therefore have a lower price. We had a complicated flooring design for our large open plan office upstairs which Carpet Tile Wholesale installed beautifully without any issues.carpet tiles

Despite their low weight, the carpet tiles are easy to work with as they have a stable textile backing´: ege tiles have easy fitting, great flexibility and low weight. These interlocking tiles are as simple as putting together a basic puzzle, and they won’t separate under normal use. Therefore, if you are thinking about refurbishing your office, take a moment and browse our assortment of beautiful Dura tiles and there will certainly be a fitting option for you. There is no limit to how many times you can separately order over 800 tiles as we send our CTND fitting tool kit with each transaction. These glue-free carpet tiles can be installed with double sided tape or adhesive.carpet tiles

One of the major advantages to carpet tiles is the fact that they are very easy to install. WearMaster® carpet will provide easy clean up. Why, because the carpet is non-absorbent, non-woven made of synthetic material. So the next time you go into an office building and you see that large black abyss of a stain that never goes away, you’ll know they must have went cheap and chosen Olefin. We offer carpet tile backings in PVC, Plastic, Polyurethane Cushion, Polyester Felt, Bitumen, Rubber and Foam. Loose-lay tiles are an important reason why so many people prefer this option to carpet rolls.