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Canada’s housing market continues to grow stronger, despite repeated market-cooling measures and an economy that is struggling. Canada´s economy shrank by an annualized rate of 1.6{25b44b84a1caae9369efb4e6b424ecd326b8ac4925fa0969fdf31a4e0a3acfda} in Q2 2016, the biggest decline since Q2 2009, amidst a decline in exports, especially for energy products, according to Statistics Canada Battered by the oil price decline Canada´s economy grew just 1.2{25b44b84a1caae9369efb4e6b424ecd326b8ac4925fa0969fdf31a4e0a3acfda} last year, less than half the 2.5{25b44b84a1caae9369efb4e6b424ecd326b8ac4925fa0969fdf31a4e0a3acfda} growth seen in 2014.

Further, Moss and Lam art studios, a west-end Toronto-based firm that has worked in partnership with YP for a number of years, designed and built Canadian-inspired art installations for Canada House, while Saint Damase and Quality and Company also contributed their creativity, energy and materials.

Attractive summer houses like this were once common along the Normandy coastline, until the Germans, after occupying France in the Second World War , levelled hundreds of them to construct the concrete defences of the Atlantic Wall,” designed to resist an Allied invasion.

Although Canada House will only be available for use by companies that have come through the programs of the sponsor organizations, Mr. Teja indicated incubators in other tech hubs such as Vancouver, Ottawa and New Brunswick could be invited to join Canada House should the pilot project develop into a longer-term initiative.

The award-winning east-end Toronto practice, which is headquartered in a bright, lofty space in the Studio District, is behind the design of the Rio 2016 Canada Olympic House, the home away from home for Canadian athletes and their family and friends during this summer’s Games.