Blending Wooden Furniture In Modern Style

When you think about furniture made of wood, the first things that come to mind is a rustic cabin or a quaint cottage. According to, humans have been carving wood to make furniture for over 30,000 years. Such a rich provenance makes wooden furniture go in even the most modern designs. Homeowners must know how to use it to balance other decorating elements effectively. Here are a few designing hacks for using wooden furniture in your modern style:

Know How To Use The Right Wood Tone
When you are considering wooden furniture for a room, look at the color and type of wood. Lighter woods like oak and pine accentuate smaller spaces better. If you have a larger room and need a dramatic touch, you might consider rich, dark woods like mahogany or cherry. If your room has a minimalist color scheme, keep the same style with your use of wood. Matching wood tones to wall colors give the room an orderly appearance. If you are using furniture made of different kinds of wood, use lighter shades.

Finding Balanced Wood Pieces
You need a balance if you plan to use a variety of woods. Larger pieces of furniture, such as tables or hutches, should have matching shades. Save different wood colors for your smaller pieces of furniture. It adds pleasant hints of color. Mix the shades throughout the room to make it look balanced. If your floors are a lighter hardwood, try adding darker pieces of furniture for contrast. Websites like are ideal for finding the fine wooden furniture you need.

Use Other Furnishings To Balance Darker Woods
Monochromatic and lighter shades are popular choices for modern style. You might think that your darker wooden furniture would clash with this décor. If you use other elements in the room to tie in a dark piece of furniture, it can create a lovely statement. Use lighter fabrics and upholstery to incorporate your wood tones. Drapes and rugs with subtle colors can work magic in a modern living space.

Incorporate Accent Colors To Blend Your Wood Tones
Since most pieces are unique, it is a daunting task to find wooden furniture that is identical in tones. While it may look like a perfect match in the showroom, there may be some different nuances when you put it next to your furniture at home. Before you return the beautiful piece to the store, fix the problem easily with an accent color. Use striking colors such as red, white, or dark gray for accent pieces. When you use these colors for your lamps or throw pillows, it will tie in different wood tones in a pleasing way.

Do not be afraid to use wooden furniture when you decorate your home. It will be just as beautiful in a modern scene as it is in a country style. When you use your eye for color, texture, and contrast, it is easy to create a chic look with the wooden furniture that you love.