Adhesive Carpet Tile Square For Outdoor, Indoor, Patios And Decks

If you use nails or screws to fix a sub-floor before tiling, use a cable, pipe and stud detector to help find safe, secure fixing points. Some commercial carpet tile applications require mastic to install, but you won’t see that for residential carpet. In this way, leftover carpet waste is avoided, adding to the fact that loose-lay carpet tiles do not need any hazardous chemicals or wet adhesives that remain in the air. The tiles come in multiple color options that are non distracting and inviting. Don’t let thick high plush outdoor carpet slow you down due to high maintenance.carpet tilescarpet tiles

Indoor and outdoor carpet runners and tiles are also available for use in high traffic entryways. We offer commercial carpet squares that are non-static, spike resistant, able to handle rolling loads and pass federal flammability and pill tests. These tiles feature a non-slip backing and will add comfort and style to your gym while protecting it from non-athletic footwear, tables, chairs, etc. Replacing an entire carpet is a job often best left to the pros, but carpet tiles can be installed by homeowners and DIYers of any skill level and can change the mood of any room in an instant. Since our carpet squares are waterproof this can be used for outdoor patio flooring. Dura carpet tiles provide various flooring options for commercial areas, mainly for offices.

Oftentimes when people buy carpet rolls, there are many leftover pieces of material because most rooms have an angled shape and therefore offcuts have to be made, leaving a large amount of waste. This allows you to easily remove and reinstall your carpeting at times where condensation or water seepage leaves moisture, or even standing water in your basement. These carpet tiles either come with edging that allows you to create a finished edge or no edging. In the event of water leaks or flooding, removal of most forms carpet tile takes just a matter of seconds and can be easily relaid after the floor is dry again. Well, versus standard carpeting, carpet tiles are easier to install and maintain.

These carpet tiles offer better resistance to indentation than foam backed tiles as many are rated for heavy static and rolling weights. Our Tessera and Westbond carpet tiles are not only synonymous with quality, we are always looking for ways to improve our production processes and product constructions to make our tiles more sustainable. If a carpet square should become damaged or stained, simply pop out the puzzle style piece and replace it with a new one – or swap one from a less visible area. Tessera offers a range of cut and loop pile tiles suited to all types of commercial environments. Click on an image below for additional colors and details on commercial or residential carpet tiles. Individual tiles can be easily replaced without having to replace complete areas.carpet tiles

Take your time to browse through our broad assortment of carpet tiles from various manufacturers. And if you’re up for making an impact, take a look at our striped carpet tiles and think about the possibilities. The largest carpet tiles are designed for quick and reliable coverage of large areas, such as hardwood basketball courts in high school or university gymnasiums or arenas.